Montgomery School Receives National Honor - Montgomery Alabama news.

Montgomery School Receives National Honor

Forest Avenue Elementary proudly displays it's honor. "I jumped up for joy because I was so happy," said student Kirsten Stringer.

It's only one of three in the state and fewer than 300 across the country to be named a Blue Ribbon School.  Teacher Jennifer Rodopoulos said, "I've known all along we were Blue Ribbon status; we just needed to be recognized that way." 

The No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors public and private schools that demonstrate high student achievement.  "It shows we are smart and listen to our teachers," said student Noah Foster.

Principal Jan Hill credits her staff, students and parents.  She says, "We can't do anything we do here without the parents."

Parent Stacey Courson adds, "I don't think a child can be successful without parental involvement."

Forest Avenue won't rest on its laurels. The bar has always been high; the goal is to reach it consistently. "I know we are up to that challenge to continue to produce children who are educated and have a love for learning. That is very important to us," says Rodopoulos.

Two other Alabama schools were selected as Blue Ribbon Schools: K.J. Clark in Mobile County and Grissom High School in Huntsville. The schools will be honored at an awards ceremony next month in Washington.

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