Montgomery City Councilor Wants Ammunition Ordinance

A crime scene creates more than just heartache; it leaves questions. "How do I know the bullet that killed this kid didn't come from one of these stores," said Councilman Willie Cook.

A call from a constituent triggered Cook's concern.  He says, "I found what he said to be true."

Cook took pictures at two local stores showing ammunition out in the open; he says without any supervision. Cook says stores protect cigarettes more than ammunition. "You actually safeguard cigarettes, but you leave ammunition out in the open so anyone can get to it," he says.

Cook says store employees tell him there's a problem with people stealing ammunition. He's pushing for a city ordinance that would require stores to lock it up. "The way ammunition is being stored in some of the stores people can just grab some and put it in their pocket," says Cook.

Cook, a former police officer, says he supports the average law-abiding resident's right to bear arms. It's ammunition in the wrong hands that worries him.  He says, "Let us take away that possibility by securing the ammunition."

Cook says he will introduce his ordinance at the next city council meeting. That's October 16th at 5:00 p.m.