Covering Lee County: Firefighters File Lawsuit

The city of Auburn is facing another discrimination law suit.

Two African American firefighters didn't get the promotion they thought they deserved.

Eddie Ogletree and Gerald Stephens have filed federal law suits against the fire chief, deputy fire chief, public safety director and the city.

The lawsuit on file states, " The city of Auburn has violated and continues to this day to violate a federal court order requiring them to alter hiring and promotion policies and procedures in order to provide equal treatment to African Americans. The city of Auburn has intentionally changed its procedures to exclude African Americans. Also, white applicants for the promotion, were given special help and test grades."

Auburn's City Manager Charles Duggan says the city denies those claims.

Duggan goes on to say, "They feel that they were wronged for some reason, however our hiring and promotional practices stand on their own merits. I think Auburn prides itself on non-discriminatory practicing. We believe everyone who applies for a job has a fair shot and we're looking for the best person to fill any position."

The law suit is now in federal court in Montgomery.