A Look at How Alabama's Senators and Congressmen Voted on the SCHIP Bill

The President vetoed the SCHIP bill, the $35 billion dollar plan to help pay for health insurance for millions of children just over the poverty line. So how did Alabama's congressional delegation come down on the issue before it was vetoed? It was strictly by party affiliation.

Republican Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions voted no. As did Republican Congressmen Robert Aderholt, Spencer Bachus, Joe Bonner, Terry Everett and Mike Rogers.   The states two democrats Congressmen Bud Cramer and Artur Davis both voted for the plan.

The President vetoed the proposed expansion saying it was too expensive and covered families who make too much money would be classified as poor. The House will attempt to override the President's veto October 18th.  They need 15 more votes than they had when the SCHIP bill passed the House. The already has the votes to override.