Humane Society Provides Abuse Awareness

We all know the story of "Louis Vuitton," the dog allegedly beaten and burned after his owner couldn't drive the family car.

Now that he's recovering, the topic of animal abuse starts to fade away.

That's something Montgomery Humane Society workers want to avoid.

"It goes on everywhere and we really need to put a stop to it," said Lisa Bragg, a staff member of the Humane Society.

Saturday, the shelter held it's first "Poker Run," which provides fun and games for the public--and it's for a noble cause.

The event helps fund Humane Society Deputies so they can prevent and crack down on animal abuse and neglect.

"They can't do their job without donations, so that's why this event was so important," Bragg said.

Throughout the parking lot, workers displayed information, pictures of abused pets, and chains that once tethered dogs under half their weight.

"Calls can range from anything from a dog that has no shelter--that's chained up outside--no water, no food. We even get calls from the public about dog fighting going on in their neighborhoods," Bragg explained.

Even as the biggest story in Montgomery starts to turn towards a happy ending, many other pets share similar situations of hardship and abuse.

"It [has] brought to light the extent of cruelty in the Montgomery area," Bragg said.

By holding events like the Poker Run, the Montgomery Humane Society hopes to bring animal abuse to center stage--educating the public, and hopefully, they say, the number of cases will go down.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke