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Tuskegee Residents Concerned Over High Utility Costs

"I can't pay this.   I just can't pay this," said Bertha Richardson, a Tuskegee resident.

It's a sentiment shared by many people who've lived in Tuskegee all their life.

The power bill is just too high.

Wednesday night, inside the city's municipal complex, the Utility Board of Tuskegee held a regular meeting, but the outcry from the customers was anything but normal.

"I have never paid this much money on a light bill until this month," Richardson explained.

The newest bill covers power usage during August, a month that saw record breaking temperatures and higher power consumption.

With many fees set by outside agencies, utility administrators say they understand the problem when it comes time to pay.  

"Electricity prices are so volatile.  They're like gasoline prices.  There's no way to say, 'this is what the price is going to be,'" said Mark Ennis, General Manager of the Utility Board of Tuskegee.

Either way, utility bills in excess of $300 a month are not uncommon for Tuskegee residents.

Sometimes, the financial strain is just too much.

"We have people that have moved out of Tuskegee because of the utility bills," said Tuskegee resident Carolyn Whittaker.

Utility Board members suggest to utilize the city's Customer Service Department for any trouble involved with billing.


Reporter:  Cody Holyoke

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