Another Possible School Attack Averted

A home-school teenager in Pennsylvania is in custody because police foiled his plan for what they described as a Columbine-style attack.

Authorities say the 14-year-old, who had felt bullied in the past, was collecting a cache of weapons and recruiting others to be a part of his revenge.

After the high school shootings in Cleveland, Ohio, authorities in Pennsylvania say a tip from a student helped uncover a possible plot to attack students at this high school just outside Philadelphia.

Bruce I. Castor Jr., the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney says, "I believe a stupendous amount of police work resulted in stopping a potential Columbine-like shooting."

Police took the 14-year-old into custody after finding an arsenal of BB and air guns, hand grenades, bomb-making books and a 9 mm semi-automatic assault weapon in his bedroom.

Castor doesn't believe the attack was imminent because no ammunition to fit the weapons was found at the residence.

The teen's myspace page contained images from the Columbine attack and paid tribute to the shooters.

Police say the teen had been bullied in the past but was currently being home-schooled.

Police say he tried to enlist his friend who attended Plymouth Whitemarsh High School to help plot an attack.

News of the potential plot rattled nerves in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Ann Marie Walter, a parent said, "This isn't even close to home, this is home."

Police credit the high school student for recognizing the signs and telling his parents.

Police in Pennsylvania say they are confident this was an isolated incident and don't believe any other students were involved.