Mayor Bright on Immigration

Montgomery's mayor is weighing in on the debate about the undocumented worker problem in the city.

A City Council Ad Hoc Committee met for the first time Thursday to come up with recommendations to present later to the City Council.

However, Mayor Bright isn't waiting until then.

He made his opinions clear Friday about what he thinks the city needs to do saying:

"Ordinances...ordinances that say it's illegal if you hire illegal immigrants for menial tasks throughout this city. It's illegal for landlords to rent to illegal aliens. It's illegal for ten people to live in one house in the city. We're going to do that. It's going to happen in Montgomery, but it's going to happen throughout the Nation because the Federal government and our Congress they're refusing and failing to do what they need to be doing and that is securing our Federal borders."

The City Council Ad Hoc Committee heard similiar opinions expressed at its public hearing.

There is no word yet on when its final report will be completed.