Clorox Ready Mop

It's not the mop that your mother used. It's a revolutionary mop called the Clorox Ready Mop. It comes with it's own cleaner, disposable cleaning pads and a trigger to control where the cleaner goes. With all that, Beverly Allen shouldn't have any problems cleaning the floors...after all, the ready mop comes with eight cleaning pads.

Now it's time to put those pads to work, Beverly said there were a few things that shed liked about the ready mop. One is it's weight it's very light ...the other is it's maneuverability about corners. After mopping the kitchen the mops pad is completely covered in dirt. Another great feature about the ready mop simply throw them away once they've been we're off to the bathroom.

The Clorox Ready Mop does the job again..picking up all kind of dirt and grime. But we wanted to see how well the mop cleaned the kitchen floor so Beverly repeated the whole process again mopping over the area that shed had just cleaned. And there's still dirt coming up...but what mop could get every speck of dirt the first time does what it said it would it works!!

The Ready Mop retails for $25. On top of that you also have to buy refills for the cleaning pads. Those refills could run you anywhere from $3.50-7.00.