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Clinton Visits Alabama, Picks Up Endorsement

Audience members listen as Senator Hillary Clinton speaks in Hoover Audience members listen as Senator Hillary Clinton speaks in Hoover

Hoover, Ala. -- Senator Hillary Clinton campaigned in Alabama on Saturday stressing the importance of getting out of Iraq.

The New York Senator spoke at the Alabama Democratic Conference Convention in Hoover where she picked up the group's endorsement.

Saturday afternoon brought a landmark moment for the Clinton campaign.

The ADC endorsed her for president.

She addressed several issues including the current situation in Iraq saying, "There is no military solution. I do not think we should spend any more time putting our men and women in harm's way to referee their civil war."

Senator Clinton also talked about several issues more specific to Saturday's crowd.

Those topics included things like low-interest Federal loans for recent graduates like Antoinette Green.

"It's hard to go. It's expensive. With her [Clinton] taking office and saying she'll make it affordable to go, it really touches my heart," says Green.

Clinton took several jabs at the current administration criticizing it's lack of interest in child health care.

She also brought up the way it handled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina saying," If you're stuck on a roof top or in the Super Dome during a hurricane and you are invisible to this president even on CNN. They don't see you."

Clinton is calling for a 'Congressional health care plan' which would give the same benefits to all Americans currently used by Congress and Federal employees.

With a long road ahead Clinton and her supporters are optimistic that all of her ideas will be enough to win the White House.

This is Clinton's second visit to Alabama this year.

She stopped in Selma earlier this year for the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

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