Crimestoppers: Murder Cases of March

Two murder cases in Montgomery have police asking for your help tonight. Investigators have a suspect in one case, but they're at a standstill in the other.

"I don't think he deserved to be dead. I don't think anyone deserves to be shot down dead."  Vanessa Mack is talking about her nephew Jermon, killed when he went with Nathan Tillman allegedly to rob someone on Collingwood last Thursday.  The two were greeted with gunfire.  Mack was shot in the stomach. Now, police are looking for Tillman to face murder and robbery charges for his involvement, in addition to federal charges against him in an unrelated incident.

Meanwhile, there's another case that's not so cut-and-dry. The victim, Shirley Hails, was found on Bowman Street in Sports Acres on the city's west side on March 5th. Police had trouble identifying her, and scoured the streets to find out where she came from.

Detective Guy Naquin of the Montgomery Police Department says, "We have learned that she may have originated from the area of Stevens and Taft or Erskin and Taft Street, which is a short distance from the area she was found. And she was in fact in that area just prior to her death."

She died from a gunshot to the chest. If you have any information about her death or the whereabouts of Nathan Tillman, call Crimestoppers at 215-STOP, for a possible cash reward and guaranteed anonymity.

Again, you should call 215-7867 if you know anything that could help police. Crimestoppers offers a reward of up to $1,000.