Twenty Five Acre Brush Fire Draws Attention

Two Firefighters battle a 25-acre blaze in Montgomery
Two Firefighters battle a 25-acre blaze in Montgomery

A wildfire in northeast Montgomery was still smoldering early Tuesday morning even though firefighters say they have the situation under control.

WSFA 12 News showed you the thick smoke billowing over the Northern Boulevard from one of our towercams early Monday evening. In fact, it was a WSFA 12 News crew that called 911.

When firefighters arrived, they found a 25-acre field burning near the Montgomery Motorsports Park. It took dozens of firefighters to put it out.

"We have a number of firefighters out here and a number of pumper and ladder trucks," said Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright. "We put it out and it just flares back up with the wind."

Investigators now believe the fire started from a small trash fire. Local volunteer firefighters and the Alabama Forestry Commission helped to put it out. No one was hurt and the fire did not threaten any structures.

Reporter: Mark Bullock