Ellen Dog Update: Death Threats Reported

Ellen asks for folks to stay calm and not promote violence.
Ellen asks for folks to stay calm and not promote violence.

The escalation continues in the Ellen Degeneres/California animal rescue center controversy.

Thursday on her show, the normally jovial comedienne was a bit more serious saying folks should remain calm and not resort to violence in this tense situation.

Reports of death threats against the shelter surfaced after Ellen revealed on her show that a tiny dog she had adopted was taken back by the shelter after she gave it to a friend.

The rescue agency was adament that the dog would not be returned.

Degeneres asked the California dog rescue organization to please return the dog she gave to her hairdresser, but was declined after the show aired Tuesday.

She began crying as she talked about the situation saying, "I guess I signed a piece of paper that says, if I can't keep [the dog] Iggy, it goes back to the rescue organization, which is not someone's home, which is not a family. These two little girls [ the hairdresser's children] had bonded to the dog."

Degeneres apologized for not checking with the organization first before giving the dog away.

She also admits the ordeal is her fault.

She says a family has been hurt by all of this, and she wants to help resolve it saying, "This has become so insane. The dog needs to go to the family. People rescue animals to put them in a good home. It just needs to be in a good home. That's all that you're supposed to do is put a dog in a loving home."

Degeneres says she couldn't keep the dog because it did not get along with her cats.

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Web Producer: John Shryock