Happy's Head Trip

It's kind of odd looking... Some think it could pass for a bird cage even... But just what is it and what does it do? Some around WSFA thought it could be a light bulb changer, others thought it was used to stir your whipped cream, maybe an egg beater, and some haven't the foggiest idea. Just what is this does it work product? All of those were good guess' but... None were right! It's called happy's head trip and it's used to massage or scratch your head, back, feet, arms, or whatever you like. We took the happy head trip around wsfa to get the reaction of some of the hardest working people in television... Marlow Thomas who didn't have the foggiest was the first to give it a try. "oh yeah... now you've hit the spot" Next up we found Michael Briddell... Who hadn't see the happy head trip either. "you've got me" within minutes our producer Carrie Gerber had Michael singing it's praises "it's invigorating, it feels like it's stimulating, it's relaxing too." So we'll let Michael have the last word. What do you think?? "stamp it... It works!" You can find the happy head trip here in Montgomery at Leeann's interiors for about $25 or you can visit their web site at www.thehappycompany.com