Auburn Star's Former Nemesis Becomes Mentor

Dameyune Craig must have made a good impression on Steve Spurrier when Dameyune played for Auburn and Spurrier coached the Florida Gators.

One of the first moves Spurrier made as an NFL head coach was to sign Dameyune Craig as a free agent. For a quarterback, playing for a coach like Steve Spurrier is a dream. For Craig, it's about to become a reality and he's ready.

"You don't really see him as a head coach ...because he's working with the quarterbacks, because he's so involved with what's going on. It's good for me, you're getting direct coaching. You know what he wants from you. You know what he's expecting - and that's a lot. (It's his) first time in the NFL and he's excited about it. I think he wants to show a lot of people some things...prove a lot of things to some people. To be a part of this is special," remarks Dameyune.

Craig spent the past four seasons on the Carolina Panthers' roster, finally becoming a starter briefly last season - only to suffer a season-ending foot injury. "It's a great opportunity for me. He's a great coach. We're heading in the right direction. I just want to be a part of a winning team now. It's been frustrating for me - being a part of losing teams - so I'm just trying to get everything turned around."

To win the starting position with the Washington Redskins, Dameyune Craig will need to beat out Danny Wuerffel, Steve Spurrier's "star pupil" from their "glory days" in the "Swamp."

But, Dameyune is confident. "It's a fresh start for me. Just the fact that he's bringing me in and it's (an) open competition at the quarterback position...That's going to push everybody and he's going to get the best from everybody. I'm just looking forward to that.