Montgomerians Begin Crime-Free Weekend

Just two months ago, Montgomery's Regency Park community was rocked by the death of Sequoyah Jackson, an innocent victim of murder--and only three years old.

"A young innocent person whose life was snuffed out before life begins," said Circuit Judge Johnny Hardwick of Jackson.

Friday, however, was a remembrance of those lost and a celebration as residents fought back against crime.

"We want to do whatever it takes to get the violence rates down," said Felicia Bates of the Regency Park Boys & Girls Club.

With community leaders and fun for the kids, organizers worked to get the message out: enough is enough in the Capitol city.

"[Children] have choices that they can make, and they can say 'yes,' and they can say 'no,'" Bates said.

Across town, area churches held a block party in West Montgomery, hoping the event would strengthen relationships and prove an effective distraction from existing crime.

"It's thinking positive.  Taking negative things off your mind and thinking positive," explained Montgomery resident Benita Smith.

It's that positive thinking that has organizers and community leaders hopeful that--at least for the next three days--crime in the city will subside.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke