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Crime-Free Weekend Wraps Up

It's a sight you don't see everyday in Montgomery:  communities coming together, speaking out against violence and crime.

From bikers to block parties, participation was high, but the weekend leaves some Montgomery residents wondering, "Did it work"?

"I don't think the message got out, as everybody planned for it to," said Ayana Rodgers, a Montgomery resident.

It is true--the weekend wasn't crime free.

A shooting Saturday night on Riviera Road was the most recent shooting--one of three reported over the weekend.

At last check there were 20 burglaries and six robberies reported as well, according to public documents at the Montgomery Police Department.

Community leaders, however, say it's an improvement from a usual weekend on the streets of Montgomery.

"Those numbers that you just quoted are much lower than in the previous years," said Councilman Willie Cook.

While many communities lined up to participate, some residents were skeptical to join in.

"It's not safe to participate because then somebody may take it that you're a snitch, and other things may transpire," Rodgers explained.

All the more reason, Cook says, to get as many people involved as possible.

"There were events in communities that people say are the worst communities in Montgomery, and it was not about any one person standing by himself.  The strength is in the union," he explained.

Cook says with the numbers appearing to be lower than usual, and with communities taking a stand, this weekend serves as a foundation for weekends to come.

Eventually, he says, it will make an even more of an impact.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke

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