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Editorial: Make Crime Fighting a Priority

Follow up and focus sustain initiatives.

Montgomery's Crime Free Weekend marked the catalyst for raising awareness.

We'll feel our streets are safe if we continue to make fighting crime a priority.

A city council ordinance requiring stores to limit access to ammunition would be welcome. Why invite thieves to steal ammunition and further contribute to the theft and robbery problem that saw on average more than 1,000 cases each month this summer?

Expanding drug courts and adding a domestic violence docket in Montgomery's municipal court will help address in part two of the main causes of crime.

Raising bail and truth in sentencing will help - 20 years should mean 20, not two.

And repeat offenders must be locked up. Just in the last six months, one person managed to commit 131 felonies!

The legislature can address these concerns.

WSFA 12 News plans a town meeting follow up to our Taking Back Our Neighborhoods documentary.

The decay of the family structure will continue to contribute to our crime issues.

We can all deal with this by demanding of ourselves - and others - personal responsibility for our actions.

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