10/25/07 - Peggy's Pumpkin Cheeseball

Peggy's Pumpkin Cheeseball

2 8oz pks of cream cheese softened
8 cups of finely grated sharp chedder
1 tsp of garlic powder  ( i like to use garlic salt)
2 drops of red food coloring
4 drops of yellow food coloring
broccoli stalk or celery stick

mix all of the above together.  form into a ball. 
chill for about an hour...take out and shape like a pumpkin
smooth very well....take the back of a knife and score like a pumpkin....
stick the broccolli stalk in the top

if you want to get it a bit more sassy...add a bit of hot sauce and some chopped onion to them mixture before shaping...and you can actually make a funny face on it with other veggies...