Only on 12: State Revokes Montgomery Cancer Doctor's License, Levies Huge Fine

State officials are calling it the worst case of medical malpractice they have seen in three decades.

As a result, the Alabama Medical Licensure Commission has revoked the license of a well known Montgomery cancer doctor and ordered him not to treat new patients.

WSFA 12 News reporter Chris Holmes found the story you will see only on 12, and only on

The license commission served Dr. David Morrison with the news late Wednesday after a three year investigation of dozens of claims from patients and even some families who saw loved ones die.

Commission Executive Director Larry Dixon says the state spent more than $400,000 looking into Morrison's practice, and their conclusions are overpowering.

Specifically, the board cited Morrison for unprofessional or dishonorable conduct, endangering the health of patients, untruthful statements, and gross or repeated malpractice.

It also found peformance of unnecssary medical services and a lack of reasonble skill, or basic medical knowledge.

"This is the largest case we have ever investigated and prosecuted in my tenure of 26 years. Never had a case like this," said Dixon.

The final report outlines nineteen cases in which Morrison diagnosed some patients with cancer when they didn't have it, prescribed medicines that cost thousands of dollars when they weren't needed, and misrepresented test results after other specialists made one medical determination and Morrison ignored them.

The board says it's aware of at least 50 similar complaints against Morrison and they are following them up.

In addition to taking his license, the board fined Morrison $266,000.

Morrison's lawyers have told state officials they plan to appeal his license revocation to the circuit court.

WSFA 12 News has spoken to some of Morrison's patients and their families. We'll follow up their stories Friday.