New Science Curriculum Centers Around TV Show

Doug Phillips
Doug Phillips

A proposed new science curriculum in Alabama touts the importance of environmental education. It's called Project Community. At it's heart is a a popular television show.

You might recognize Doug Phillips. He's the host of the Alabama Public Television series, Discovering Alabama. He travels with his dog, Turkey, exploring the state's natural resources.

"We live in such a wonderful state that's so rich with nature," he told a class in Dallas County.

Phillips joined state education officials to launch Project Community, a pilot curriculum that focuses on Phillips' television series.

"In addition to [the tv series], we're going to supply students with all sorts of laboratory and field equipment and supplies and do the teacher training and help in the instructional aspect to give the kids a hands-on, exploratory, inquiry-based approach to learning science," Phillips explained.

Teachers in the 12 school systems participating in the program say it provides eye-opening lessons for students.

"So often, we're walking on this soil every day, crossing the Cahaba River every day, but not knowing the history that really lies here," said Keigh High School Teacher Gloria Taylor.

The teachers will get everything from binoculars to books to help them teach students about what makes Alabama's environment special.

Participating school systems in our area include Pike, Macon and Dallas Counties. Creators hope the curriculum is expanded to all school systems next year.

Reporter: Mark Bullock