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Editorial: Health Insurance

It's budget time for area businesses.

Soon we will be told how much our health insurance premiums will increase next year.

We've all experienced this annual ritual of health premium increases for many years now - unless we work for the state.

Health insurance costs for state workers have increased just once in the last 15 years.

That increase was for family coverage.

Individual coverage costs nothing for state workers.

Individual health coverage for state teachers costs $2 a month and those premiums have not changed in more than 20 years.

Family health insurance premiums for state teachers last increased 7 years ago.

Costs to the state for the State Employees' Insurance Board and Public Education Employees' Health Insurance have gone up nearly 600 million dollars in the past five years.

The health coverage benefits the state provides is considered very good.

Taxpayers are more than generous in footing the bill for these benefits and it is a great salary supplement to these workers, and retirees.

But with health care costs continuing to rise, it is time for state employees to kick in a bit more for their premiums.

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