All Bids are in for the Hyundai Auto Plant

The choice for Hyundai has narrowed from 60 sites to two. One site in Kentucky and the other in Montgomery. Mayor Bobby Bright says he has mixed emotions about this decision......fear that Montgomery won't get it...and fear if Montgomery does. He says it's taken a lot of work to try and get the plant here...and if it comes it's going to take even more work and lots of money so the plant can operate here.

Negotiations went on most of the day. A call came this morning from Hyundai to the mayor concerning police and fire protection in the Hope Hull area. It is within the police jurisdiction, but Hyundai seemingly wants more and wants fire protection extended there.

Mayor Bright says, "I think what they were requesting went to quality of services more than anything else...and we probably are providing better police and fire than what they were expecting. When you go to a small city like what they are considering in Kentucky, there's no way that a small city or a small community like that can provide the services we have on a day to day basis here in the city of Montgomery."

The announcement from Hyundai is expected to come immediately following a special meeting of the board of directors in Korea. Early word is that the announcement will be made around 10:00 p.m.