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Staph Spreads to Southeast

With cases around the country, the MRSA "superbug" is a hot topic.

Here in the southeast, victims keep popping up, including the Thursday death of Holly Polston, 25, of Valley, Alabama.

"They really couldn't tell us where it came from.  I've been told you can touch something and have it and I could come behind you and touch it and get it," explained Joe Polston, Holly's father.

With news around the US of victims catching the bacteria, finding the symptoms is a top priority.

Health officials say to look for any infection where the skin breaks and won't heal or any redness or swelling of the skin.

"Usually it's nothing more than a pustule or boil," explained Dr. Don Williamson, Alabama's State Health Officer.

The drug-resistant strain is a growing concern of many parents across the country.

The superbug leaves moms and dads asking, "How do I protect my child at school"?

State health officials say most problems can be easily contained.

"Generally it's not necessary for the school to do anything other than routine cleaning practices," Williamson said.

With the proper steps, "MRSA is relatively easy to control," he said.

As cliche as it sounds, many doctors prescribe a simple preventative measure:  cleaning your hands as often as possible with warm soapy water will help ward off infection.

Also, keep your own personal items--like razors or combs--to yourself.

If your kids do acquire a staph infection, keep their wounds covered to prevent further transmission.

"They need to be sure that their child doesn't contaminate other surfaces and share any sort of items that might be contaminated," Williamson explained.

So, with concern for a child's well being at center stage, prevention and treatment is key.


Reporter:  Cody Holyoke

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