Pike County School Officials Investigate Alleged Assault On School Bus

Somewhere along Alabama Highway 10 in Pike County trouble erupted on a school bus. Pike County School authorities confirm they're investigating two Pike County High School students and a part-time school bus driver.

The two female students reportedly assaulted another high school female student just as the school bus was coming to a stop. The victim, we're told, wasn't injured. While it's not clear why the two students allegedly jumped on the other, we do know the school bus driver at some point reportedly got involved and tried to break it up and there are allegations the driver slapped one of the teens.

The school district refused to publicly name the driver and whether or not he laid a hand on anyone. Meantime, Brundidge Police Chief Moses Davenport was not in today (Monday) to answer questions about the police department's side of the investigation.

From here county school officials and the police department will get together this week, compare notes in search of the truth. Right now both sides are having to sort through 18 different versions of what allegedly took place. 18 stories because that's how many students were on the bus at the at time when the fight broke out.

After the meeting this week with Chief Davenport, the school district says it'll then have a hearing on Friday to determine what kind of punishment the two students will face. For now the two students have been suspended and the school bus driver is on administrative leave with pay.