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Search for Religion Going High Tech

From church services, to religious news, to even faith-based dating sites designed to find your soul mate, Americans are discovering their faith in cyberspace.

A Pew Center study shows two-thirds of Americans have gone online searching religious topics.

David Kuo, author and Washingto editor of says of the world wide web, "The internet is really fueling sort of a religion revival in America today and around the country. I think the most successful churches, synagogues, and mosques today are using the internet to expand their ministry."

One of those churches is National Community Church in Washington, DC.

Already innovative for holding services in theaters across the district, like Union Station's Phoenix Movie Theater, the church is now using the internet to broadcast its sermons.

A single webcast this year drew over 10,000 hits.

Mark Batterson, lead pastor of the National Community Church, says, "The game of church has radically changed in the last few years and one of the convictions that drive us is that the church should be redeeming techonlogy and use it for God's purposes, and one of the ways that we do that is with the website, the webcast and the podcast. "

Could the faith-based internet possibly replace the traditional church as we know it today?

Kuo says an online church can't ever replace a real church but thinks an online church can foster the growth of a bricks and mortar church.

For some it may be a quick spiritual fix, but believers say spreading faith through blogs, webcasts, and emails is giving new life to old-time religion.


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