Valley Woman Dead from Staph Infection

An East Alabama family is mourning the death of a loved one who died from a staph infection.  Holly Polston's family says she went to the hospital on October first after finding what she thought was a spider bite.

It turned out to be something much worse.  Family members say 25-year-old Holly Polston was an outgoing young woman who loved helping others.

On October first she came here to the East Alabama Medical Center.  Polston's body began swelling up and it became difficult for her to walk.  So the hospital ran several test.  "They really couldn't tell us where it came from.  They say if you can touch something and get it.  They just don't really know exactly how it transpired," said Victim's Father Joe Polston.

After being in the hospital several days she was immediately sent to the Intensive Care Unit.  Her lungs began to fill up with fluid and even her heart.  "It was devastating and me being a pastor you never think it will come to your house, it was devastating," said Polston.

Health Care professionals at The East Alabama Medical Center say there are ways you can protect yourself from becoming a victim.  The first way is to wash your hands frequently.  "Do not share personal items like towel's and bar soap.  If you have cuts or abrasions make sure you keep them covered," said Infection Control Manager Benja Morgan.

Morgan says another warning sign could be a spider like bite.  The skin breaks out and get red with puss on top.  When you see this you should immediately see your doctor.  Meanwhile, the family of Holly Polston are holding on.  "She was my rock.  I am going to miss her smile and our talks," said Polston.

Right now the East Alabama Medical center is encouraging people to wash their hands frequently.  This cuts back on the risk of getting a staph infection.