Alabama's Ghost Hunters

In previous centuries, the end of October was thought to be a time when the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped. And to this day, there are still those who believe it's an opportune time to search out spirits.

One such group is headquartered right here in Montgomery. WSFA 12 News tagged along with the Southern Paranormal Researchers during a recent visit to the Hotel Talisi in Elmore County.

Originally called the Woodall Hotel, the building been around for 80 years. It's been famous for the food at the old Palace Cafe. But this hotel is known for more than its restaurant.

"Several odd things have happened," said Manager Jessica New.

Some might call them ghost stories.

Take the piano that supposedly plays by itself or the television that turns itself on. Then there's the mysterious room 132, where guests say they get a strange, eerie feeling.

One recent hotel customer has also claimed to see the so-called Lady in Lavender, a ghostly apparition who leaves a perfumed scent behind.

"He stopped and thought, 'I just saw a ghost!' And he couldn't stay here anymore," New recalled.

So is any of this for real? We asked the Southern Paranormal Researchers. By day, they're insurance adjusters, office managers, even a minister. But by night, they're "Alabama's Ghost Hunters."

"We're real serious about what we do and it takes a certain type of people to do this," said the group's leader, Shawn Sellers.

The group showed up armed with audio recorders, video cameras, and electromagnet field detectors. And almost immediately, they say they started getting readings.

"It's almost like an energy, a tingling," Sellers said. "I feel the presence of a lady."

Could it be the Lady in Lavender? The researchers say each piece of equipment must register a response, or the investigation is deemed inconclusive.

"Before our team goes into a place and says your place is definitely haunted, we want to have hard evidence," Sellers said.

This time, there wasn't enough evidence to prove that the Hotel Talisi is haunted. But the Southern Paranormal Researchers say they're still believers.

"There are spirits out there," Sellers said. "Whether you want to believe or not, we know it's for real."

Reporter: Mark Bullock

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