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Dry Weather Yields Record Year for Local Pecan Farmers

The lack of rain is turning one local farmer's livelyhood into a bumper year.

A dry summer is yeiding double harvests at pecan orchard's across the state.

For the last eighteen years Tommy King has nurtured his pecan orchard through good seasons and bad.

However, his fortunes fall far from tree other Alabama farmers this year.

King says he hasn't seen a pecan harvest this plentiful since 1963.

The scorching Summer heat has left most farmers high and dry.

In good years and bad you can find King and his son scouring the orchard every October seaching for the best pecans

Until next year King will bask in the bounty of what he feels will surely be a record year.

King has been in the pecan business for almost 50 years and has manned his family's orchard for almost 2 decades.

If you are interested in trying some of his pecans you can give him a call at (334) 257-4117.

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