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Democrats Offer Budget Increase, CPSC Head Declines

Nevada Senator Harry Reid (D) is among democratic lawmakers who don't understand why the acting head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Nancy Nord, is resisting a proposed bill that would increase the agency's budget from $63 million to $80-million.

The money would add more staff and more authority.

"I don't know what planet this woman is living on," the Senator says.

Connecticut Senator Rosa Delauro (D) says, "They [CPSC] cannot keep up with the volume of imported toys that are putting public health at risk, our children at risk today and she needs to step aside and resign."

Despite the call for her resignation, Nord says she's staying put.

As for the proposed legislation, she says there are reasons why she opposes parts of it. 

"The problem is that we need to make sure that the legislation is both practical and enforceable," she says, "and I have raised the concerns about the enforceability."

Democrats say with the millions of recalled toys this year, the agency needs this legislation.

"I do feel like the CPSC is resisting efforts for us to revamp the agency and provide more safety in the marketplace."

"If the Congress gives me more resources, I would welcome those resources. But I wanna make sure, that the resources we have -- that the people we hire, are the right resources, the right people. I want to be hiring safety inspectors, not lawyers," is the response from Nord. 

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