Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

Many of you who have dogs or cats knows all to well about cleaning pet hair off of everything. Well there's a product out on store shelves now that claims it can instantly remove pet hair from just about anything. But does it work? Ellie is a great pet... She never makes a mess... Always minds... But the one thing that drives her owner crazy is the hair she leaves behind! To help clean up this mess we're trying out a product called the "Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter." It can be used on carpets, upholstery, auto interior and even clothing. The instructions say that the pet hair lifter must be used dry they also say that to use the lifter just hold it in your hand and then in a sweeping motion wipe the area down that you want to clean. And as you can see Ellie's hair is coming up off of the couch with ease. Something that her owner said doesn't happen even with a high powered vacuum. Next, we're cleaning the carpet. With the same sweeping motion the pet hair lifter is doing the job again. This time giving us a big hair ball! The product can be used over and over again. Meaning that this 5 bucks that you pay for the gonzo pet hair lifter will last you a long time! It works!

Now if you don't have a pet you could still find the pet hair lifter handy. It will also clean tv screens, removes soot from brick and wall areas near fireplaces and wood stoves, and you could even use it as a lint remover!