New Developments On Montgomery County's First Murder In 2007

We know a little bit more about the body that was found this week in north Montgomery County. Michael David Grimes was 38 years old, single, a man investigators say was a common, everyday man, went to work and went home. There was nothing in his background that would explain why he might have been murdered.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," said Captain Mark Thompson of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department.

Grimes worked at a plant in the Montgomery area, although detectives won't say where. We do know Grimes was shot at least once.

"He was found lying on his back," Thompson said.

Investigators say Grimes' family in Tallassee say they don't understand it either and one reason why detectives are having a hard time finding Grimes' killer is because his body was found at a junkyard off Stokes Road and his van found a short distance away on the Alabama River Parkway. A passing truck driver found the vehicle and when a trooper arrived, he noticed the passenger window had been knocked out.

"We are focusing on the areas of Lower Wetumpka Road and the Northern Bypass hoping that someone saw something because there's usually not a lot of people around during that time of day," said Thompson.

And so with no promising leads, no witnesses, not even a motive, Captain Mark Thompson is now turning to the public for help. They believe Michael David Grimes was murdered sometime Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

"We're asking for the public's help," Thompson said.

Who and why--two questions that remain unanswered for now. Grimes' murder is Montgomery County's first in 2007 and so far the 4th unsolved murder since 1978.

Call the Secret Witness Line at 832-1200 or 832-2532 if you have any information that could be helpful to investigators.