Ink Refill System

It's claim is that it can save you up to 80 dollars in printer refills by just refilling the ink rather than the whole ink jet cartridge. But the question is does it work? If you use ink jet printers you know how expensive those ink cartridges can be, but there is hope according to our does it work product. It's an ink jet refill system, you don't have to purchase those high priced cartridges just the ink.. You refill them yourself. We recruited the help of Christopher Roberts, he's a network technician at Jackson Thornton Technologies to help us out with the test. Before we started we printed out a test page to compare at the end of the test. First you remove the cartridge, then insert the needle through the labels into the hole then turn it upside down and then squeeze. Next, let the ink settle for about a minute then repeat the process until the cartage is full. Then all you have left to do is to tape up the hole and insert the cartage back into the printer. Did it work? There's only one way to find out and that is to print a test page. The top of the first page we printed was missing some of the black in the drawing and the lettering was a little faded. The bottom one looks just fine. The box is completely filled in and the lettering is actually darker. So we have to give it the stamp of approval! It works! Now as you could see by some of the video in that story the ink refill system can get pretty messy. But it did work and in the long run it could save you a lot of money. That particular refill kit was only for black ink and cost around $10.00.