Maxwell Prepares For War

Soaring towards their objective, the planes of Maxwell AFB's 908th Airlift Wing were quite a sight to behold.

It's all training, however, for these airmen--simulations that prepare them for battle.

The group worked as a team--up in the sky and on the base, using Maxwell's tarmac as their training ground.

"In a real world situation, you may not have this much space to play with.  You may just have a small little designated area to play with," said SrA Gerald Scribner.

The practice cargo, dubbed *Containerized Delivery System bundles,* made its way to the ground.

This time, the payload was water, but it's a substitute for many critical materials used in a war zone.

"MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are packed in the same type package.   Bullets, ammunition," explained MSgt Steve Kramer, Loadmaster for the 908th.

With ongoing military presence in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, these types of drops are crucial.

So much so, that exercises of such large scale are almost made impossible.

"Our aircrafts are in demand.  They're out doing real world missions, so we seldom get to keep them home long enough to do this size of training effort," said Lt. Col. Jerry Lobb.

By performing practice drops and maneuvers, the 908th learns firsthand the concepts needed in a real war zone.

The drops, however, can also be used in natural disasters, like earthquakes, wildfires, or even in the aftermath of hurricanes here at home.

"...military installations, or even neighborhoods. This is a good way to get equipment to those people," Kramer explained.

So with the perfect conditions, the 908th practiced for a very different scenario in which their expertise will be called upon.

A scenario that may very well occur on the front lines.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke