Hyundai Executives Impressed with Alabama

Governor Don Siegelman treated the group of Hyundai executives to some of Montgomery's finest dining at the Capitol City Club Wednesday night. He said most of the day had been focused on the logistics and scheduling for the Hyundai groundbreaking set for April 16th.

As for the Koreans first impressions of Alabama, Mr. Siegelman said they couldn't be more impressed. "They love Alabama! These are men who have dealt with companies and countries and states throughout the world, and we just reviewed what happened in the board meeting, and there were no negative comments about Alabama. One of the board members asked 'tell us something bad about Alabama' and the man leading the negotiation said there is nothing bad to tell."

Thursday, the governor plans to sit down with the Hyundai officials to go over the contract line-by line. Then he says he'll release the details and the states financial plan to pay for the building of the plant.