Covering Wilcox County: Dumb Criminal Strikes Camden Police Department

Despite 16 years in law enforcement in Camden, Chief Lucas Knight never thought he would end up investigating a break-in at his very own police department.

"It just goes to show you criminals are brave," said Chief Knight.

How brave? Consider what happened. Police say a 16-year old boy knocked out a side window at the Camden Police Department, all done under the cover of darkness. The building was empty since the night shift was on patrol. Once inside the young suspect allegedly stole $500.00 in petty cash and walked out the front door. A few minutes later, an officer came back in from patrol.

"He noticed the doors that were normally locked were open," Knight said.

At this point the juvenile thought he was home free with cash in hand but he apparently had no idea a pair of eyes caught him on tape; two security cameras mounted in front of the police department.

"That was another way we could find out who did it," Knight said.

Video tape plus a confession.

"He did, yes sir," Chief Knight said.

The teenager now finds himself in lock-up at the detention facility in Greensboro.

"It's funny that one would even think about breaking into a police department. People will do anything to get money," Knight said.

For Chief Lucas Knight that means he can say he's seen it all. The suspect faces three charges; burglary, theft and criminal mischief.