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Alabama War Casualties Remembered At State Capitol

New War Memorial Stands In Alabama Capitol New War Memorial Stands In Alabama Capitol

On the first floor of the Alabama capitol, there is a new war memorial dedicated to the people who gave all they had in the fight against terror.

There are 92 names and faces on the wall, 92 Alabamians including the face of a 24-year old soldier from Montgomery.

"Specialist Matthew Bolar of Montgomery," said Petty Officer Rickey McKenzie as he read off a few names.

It was just a few months ago that Bolar's family buried him in Arlington National Cemetery.

"We miss our son so much and we love him so much," said Bolar's mother Anne Adkins.

Adkins was by far not the only one. During the ceremony the room was packed with families still struggling with their personal pain and loss yet honored to know their loved ones are being remembered, forever enshrined on the new capitol memorial.

"When duty called, they answered," said Governor Bob Riley.

"No regrets. This is what he wanted to do. That's how committed he was," Adkins said remembering her son. In fact, Bolar had just spent some time at home with the family but volunteered to go back to war in Iraq.  A few days after Bolar was killed, the military awarded him the Bronze Star for bravery. Bolar died May 3rd when a roadside bombed exploded.

Clifton Johnson's son was also just 24 years old.

"He was my baby. We were very close," said Mr. Johnson remembering Clifton Johnson, Jr.

"When you look at the memorial today you will see the faces of a new generation of heroes," Governor Riley said.

Sadly, there is room on the new memorial to add another hero's name should another Alabamian die in the war on terror.

The Patriot Guards were also part of today's ceremony. The governor requested they add something to the memorial and they did; helmet, rifle, and boots, symbolizing the fallen soldier.

Reporter: Bryan Henry


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