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Covering Elmore County: Complaints Plague Haynes Ambulance Wetumpka; County May Cancel Contract

Troubled times for one of Alabama's oldest names in ambulance service.

The Elmore County EMS board is on the verge of suspending or even cancelling its contract with Haynes Ambulance of Wetumpka, citing very long response times, conflicts with county rescue teams, and a failure to provide advanced care in emergency situations.

If the company loses its contract, its successor might be....Haynes Ambulance.

To hear rescue teams from Holtville, Slapout and Titus tell the story, it sounds like the Wetumpka based company isn't handling emergency calls well at all.

"We had one recently that we had a huge delay on the scene. We sat on the scene for over an hour waiting for transport, and had infants involved in it," said one rescue worker.

EMS board member Annette Devaughn also outlined a number of complaints for her fellow board members. Among them: 

"October the 5th, delay, Haynes Wetumpka did not have a truck and had to get a unit from Montgomery," she said.

The county's EMS board says it's heard these kinds of things for weeks now. Twenty five days ago, it ordered Haynes Ambulance to shorten its response times or face sanctions, and commissioners say it simply hasn't.

"It seems to us the situation has escalated to the point where we gotten more complaints," said board member Eric Jones.

Haynes Wetumpka owner/operator Perry Haynes didn't speak before the commission, instead allowing his attorney to question the complaints.

Afterwards, board members gave the company four more days to prove it can handle a heavy case load. If not, it has a plan in place.

"All I can think of is to suspend them and try to find someone to fill the void," said one member.

Therein lines a huge irony.

If the Wetumpka office loses its county contract, one of the ambulance services that will cover the area is Haynes Ambulance of Montgomery.

Care Ambulance is the other company Elmore County says will provide interim service.

Even though they carry the same name and logo, Haynes Wetumpka and Haynes Montgomery are separately owned and operated.

Haynes Montgomery owner Tony Haynes declined an on camera interview about the potential of taking business from his brother Perry.

Elmore County's EMA board will meet Sunday night, the deadline it gave the company to prove it can handle the job.

If it fails in that mission, the next move is for the county commission as a whole to take bids on an ambulance service contract.

Reporter: Chris Holmes

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