Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputies Could Get Pay Raise

David Talley is in his fifth month at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.  He says a few extra dollars would go a long way. "My four month old son is going to need some things soon," he says.

The pay raise would push a starting deputies pay from about $31,000 to just over $35,000. A necessary step says the sheriff after the city upped its starting salary for officers. "It would put us on par and equal footing with the city," says Sheriff D.T. Marshall.

Marshall says recruiting is already tough. With the city offering better pay, he's afraid his office could lose potential recruits and existing personnel to higher paying city jobs. Marshal says typically the county and the city give pay raises at the same time to eliminate competition.  He says the city's raise, "Brought us to a disadvantage."

Marshall presented his pay plan to the county commission. Commission Chairman Todd Strange says this pay raise isn't just about playing catch-up with the city.  "Our intention and goal is not only to be competitive, but set the standard."

Strange says he expects the pay raise will get approval. That's good news for deputies like Talley. "A lot of times we have to work two or three jobs. That's more time I could spend with my family," says Talley.

Just this month all deputies received a 4% pay raise where Montgomery police got a 5%raise.  Starting police officers will make about $350 more than deputies, but Marshall says the sheriff's office offers better education incentives that more than make up the difference.

Commissioner Strange says the County Commission should vote on the pay raise at its next meeting.