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Editorial: Water Woes

We can't live without water.

It is our most precious resource.

A severe drought has Alabama, Georgia and Florida battling over how much water can be released from federal reservoirs.

Soon, cities within states may be battling each other.

Droughts inflame the issue, but even with ample rains, water scarcity problems will exist as we continue to grow and expand as a region.

Population trends show growth continuing in the South.

Industrial expansion in Alabama is welcome. With it comes a need for a comprehensive plan for growth that includes water management needs.

A drought management plan will be drawn up between Alabama, Florida and Georgia in the next three months.

Equally important will be working on a long term plan that must include conservation.

Montgomery's managed water resources well.

Alabama has more water flowing through it than many states.

But water is a finite resource and we need to treat it that way.

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