Young Man Leaves Behind Remarkable Story after Life of Health Problems

Chris Davis and wife Misty
Chris Davis and wife Misty

Kidney disease affects millions of Americans every year and here in Alabama the numbers are astounding.

One in eleven adults in Alabama suffers from the disease and many don't even know it.

You may not recognize the name Chris Davis but there are lots of people in Prattville and Wetumpka who do.

Davis has suffered from critical medical problems all his life.

The 24-year-old has been in and out of operating rooms since he was three weeks old.

Then he had heart problems.

However, his last trip to the hospital was four years ago for his second kidney transplant.

The first one from his mother failed after ten years.

This time though it was Willie Pace, someone who worked with Davis' father, who donated his own kidney.

In 2003 Davis said, "I have a lot more energy these days. When I get up in the morning I don't mind getting up."

Even though the kidney problems left Chris blind in one eye, life was good.

He met the love of his life and married her five months ago.

Sadly, that good life didn't last long.

Chris' wife Misty: "I came out and he was laying on the ground and I said Chris what are you doing? I thought he was playing cause he's just goofy like that and I noticed he didn't answer me and I ran down and rolled him over and there he was."

Chris died last Sunday while working in his yard.

His father Jack Davis recalls, "He was my best friend. We were close. The good Lord let us do so much together."

Chris had started having kidney problems again but he died of a massive heart attack.

His family doesn't know if the kidney medications caused it or if it was a reoccurring problem.

Kay Davis, Chris' mother thinks back saying, "Whenever I'd try to baby Chris he would say 'it's ok mom. We're all going to have to die one day'."

As painful as this day is for the family they remain thankful.

Pace says he wishes there was more he could have done to keep his friend alive, but realizes he had everything he ever wanted.