Help Is On The Way For Bumpy Interstate 85 In Downtown Montgomery

Interstate 85 drivers--beware! Construction to make your driving a little safer is on the way on I-85 from the interchange back toward east.

What they are doing is raising the concrete barrier rail by 15 inches. The whole idea is to cut down on the glare and by making the wall higher it'll become more of a safety barrier for motorists.

"With an urban environment and with the type of traffic we have here, the actual height is good and it keeps the traffic separate if there was a collision. The higher wall would prevent a vehicle from climbing the wall," said Tony Harris, P.I.O. for the Alabama Department of Transportation.

This part of the construction will go for about 5 miles and every bit of it will be done at night and on weekends so traffic won't be disrupted. In fact, workers start at 7 every night.

Construction crews will also spend the next 7 months making the pavement on both lanes a little smoother.  The work will stretch from the 85/65 interchange back toward east. This is the part where some 40,000 vehicles ride through everyday, and that's why most of us feel those harsh bumps.

"The main project will be the concrete pavement. It's been here 25 to 30 years. It's important that we do maintenance on concrete or asphalt so it's due for under-sealing. Undersealment will level it out and that'll make for a smoother ride," Harris said.

Harris says 12 companies put in a bid for the job, 7 of those companies were out of state, but the project went to the lowest bidder at a little more than 5 million dollars to the Knish Corporation of Minnesota.