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Items You Didn't Know You Could Recycle


1. Athletic shoes

If you have old sneakers, some manufacturers will recycle them. Read more at the Nike website.

2. Electronics

Tired of all that junk in your entertainment center? A company will take your VHS tapes, game cartridges, digital cameras, mp3 players, cords, cables, and more. It's called GreenDisk. You can mail your techno-trash to the company to disposed of for a small fee.

3. Computers

Since computers contain harmful chemicals, it's important to dispose of them properly.  Most major manufacturers offer some type of recycling program. Dell will recycle any Dell product for free, and if you buy a new Dell, they'll recycle any other brand of computer for free. Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, Apple and Toshiba also have recycling programs.

4. Handheld devices

For smaller electronics, drop you can drop them off at Staples locations around the country and other electronic stores. Staples has partnered with nonprofit CollectiveGood, which collects and recycles cell phones and PDAs.

5. Dry-cleaning hangers and plastic

Wondering how to get rid of all those wire hangers from the dry cleaners? Some dry cleaners will take them back and reuse them, and some tailors and alteration shops will take them as well -- so just ask. You can also recycle the plastic that comes with your dry-cleaned clothes, just like most other plastics.



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