Taking Back our Neighborhoods: Bullock County Residents Fight Back

It's a slogan that's commonly used in Montgomery.  Now, many residents in Bullock county are saying "Enough is enough."

"The jewelry was missing.  I looked in the closet, and my two guns were gone, too," explained Jerry Hall, a Bullock County resident.

It's a common tale.  Thieves hit multiple houses and businesses in Bullock County over the past year.

Each burglary concentrated on expensive items like guns and jewelry.  The criminal would then quickly leave the scene.

It's a practice, authorities say, that needs to be stopped.

"It's too easy to steal than to go work for a living and buy it yourself," said Bullock County District Attorney Ben Reeves.

That's why crimestoppers is branching out, spreading outside of Union Springs to cover the entire county.  Administrators say the program is necessary for such a big area.

"Bullock county is a very large county, and we have five deputies.  They have a lot of territory to cover," explained Bullock County CrimeStoppers Director Courtney Woodfaulk.

Law enforcement officers need all the help they can get from the public--letting them know what's going on and helping them catch the criminals.

Residents say they're more than happy to help.

"If we can get people in the community together and get everyone to look and watch, I think we'll be a lot better off," Hall said.

Teamwork that will no doubt send a message to would-be thieves:

"We are aware now, and we're banding together to do something about this problem," Woodfaulk said.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke