Some Baptist Health Employees Face Uncertain Future

This has been a positive economic week in Montgomery with Hyundai promising thousands of jobs in the future. But now, the future of many Baptist Health employees appears uncertain. Health officials say the lack of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement money for hospitals is forcing job cuts in the Baptist Health System.

Friday, spokeswoman Angela Wells of Baptist Health confirmed the system is looking at an untold number of layoffs across the system. Angela Wells says it's not certain how many people will be laid off, which positions will be affected, or when the cuts will come. But, cuts will happen.

Wells says she believes most of the lay-offs will affect non-clinical positions - meaning few, if any, nurses will be affected. She went on to say the cuts are the result of the difficult financial times hospitals are experiencing nationwide compounded by less reimbursements for medical procedures and treatments performed at the hospitals.

Randall Hoover, president and chief executive officer of Baptist Health said , "Baptist Health is facing a reduction in force, the scope of which is still being determined. "

In his statement, Hoover went on to say, "Our first priority is communicating with our employees and medical staff. Once decisions have been made, an official announcement will follow. "

Baptist Health includes two hospitals in Montgomery, one in Prattville, one managed by Baptist in Crenshaw county and five "Pri-Meds" in the tri-county area.