Auburn Montgomery Teacher Resigns, Keeps Papers

Two-thirds of the way through the Fall semester, classes for 60 to 70 students at Auburn Montgomery are now interesting--to say the least.

Last week, Dr. Hope Rencher White, a three year assistant professor with the university's English department, submitted her resignation.

"We just spent a good part of the morning figuring how to work things out," said Dr. Steven Daniell, Auburn Montgomery's Interim Dean of Liberal Arts.

The resignation is only where the story begins.  After packing up her office, administrators say White promised to send her student's reports back to the school.

"There was a little bit of friction in that conversation, obviously, but she promised to send them through the mail," Daniell explained.

That never happened, and without the papers---many of which were handwritten--new professors have a hard time determining individual grades.

This causes a problem, Daniell says, that requires help from students.

"We were asking them to resubmit anything that they possibly could, so that we could at least have a paper trail of what they had already done in the course,"

Throughout the week, other full-time teachers at Auburn Montgomery have been working hard to fill in the gaps and help students of these classes make it through the rest of the semester.

NOTE:  Dr. Daniell tells us that Dr. White's letter of resignation did not include a reason for leaving. WSFA 12 News tried contacting White for her side of the story but was unable to reach her for comment.