Montgomery Plaza Announces Parental Policy

Normally, weekends are busy at Montgomery's Festival Plaza shopping center, but the week ahead brings a major change that will make things different for teenagers at the complex.

A new mandate released by owners McClinton and Company, Inc. includes a new "Parental Escort Policy."

Starting November 16, kids 15 years of age and younger will only be allowed on the property after 9:00PM if they're with an adult who is 21 or older.

The company says that's all for a good reason.

"children are just being left unsupervised..and we just want parents to be aware of that," said Angie Wilkins, McClinton and Company's Marketing Director.

With the foot traffic from Rave theatre and nearby restaurants, the atmosphere at night can change in an instant.  That alone has parents--and kids--worried.

"There are people at my school that will spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hanging out at the theatre, and it's not that safe when it gets past a certain time," said high school student Amanda James, 16.

"I've seen kids who are way too young without any adults around for a very long time," noted parent and Montgomery resident Onastasia Gunlogson.

To others, the new limits set for teens create an opportunity for adults to spend more time with their kids.

"To me, a child under the age of sixteen--even if they're sixteen--should be guided by their parent," said L.A. Smith, a parent and Montgomery resident.

While parents think the new escort policy is a great idea, the details of the policy leave them wondering how owners will enforce the new rules.

"That is a problem, and if kids want to get away with something, they can be very creative and do it," Gunlogson said.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke