Change of Service: Haynes Wetumpka No More

Members of Elmore County's EMS board didn't waste time in announcing the end of service of Haynes Wetumpka.

Due to slow response times, owner Perry Haynes was given 30 days to improve, but on Friday he pulled out, citing in a letter that service would be halted.

"At one o'clock, they turned their drugs in, and Care [Ambulance] was immediately on the scene," explained Annette DeVaughn, Elmore County's E911 Director.

Care Ambulance, along with help from Haynes of Elmore County, LLC--run by brother Tony Haynes--will pick up the slack, covering the unincorporated and rural areas of the county that don't already have contracts with an ambulance service.

"I picked up the employees that he had.  A lot of them worked at both places.  We already had the trucks, so we're good to go," explained Tony Haynes.

With two companies taking on an area that has seen slow response times, authorities say the change will improve the speed of service in Elmore county.

"It's going to deal a lot with response times and trying to make sure we can get someone to the far Northern end and the Southern tip--East and West--all sides of the county," said Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

Board members stress the new changes won't mean anything different the next time a resident picks up the phone for help.

"This shouldn't have any effect.  [The public will] do everything they've been doing.  Just dial '911,' and when they dial '911,' we'll send Care," DeVaughn explained.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke