Vietnam Veterans Gather at "The Wall"

As Taps plays at the Vietnam memorial it's a somber observance of Veterans day 2007.

Combined with celebration for the twenty-fifth anniversary of a wall that's become a national touchstone.

Once misunderstood and maligned, like the veterans it honors, it was and today remains a place of healing.

Edie Meeks, a former Army nurse says,"I'm so proud I served in Vietnam."

Former Secretary of State and retired General Colin Powell delivered the keynote address.

"How could this gravestone to those who died in America's most controversial and perhaps most unpopular war come to occupy such a wonderful, remarkable place in America's collective heart?" he asked in the speech.

In Texas, President Bush comforted families who lost loved ones in Iraq saying, "May God bless and keep all who have made the ultimate sacrifice. May God bless and keep our brave and honored veterans."

Vice President Cheney laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery.

It's another Veterans Day for a nation at war, paying tribute to those who've served and those still in harm's way.

Once they return from the holiday break President Bush and Congressional Democrats are expected to pick up where they left off in a fight over a veterans funding bill.