Elmore County School Officials Put Schools Under Lockdown

Morning Scare At Millbrook Middle School
Morning Scare At Millbrook Middle School

It happened during P.E. class. 100 students were playing kickball when the ball rolled toward the edge of the woods.

"When two students went to retrieve the ball, the man grabbed the arm of one student but both were able to get away when the other student started kicking the man," said Elmore County School Public Information Officer Judy Caton.

With the school in a lock-down mode, Millbrook Police rushed to the scene and quickly started looking for the man. Despite an all-out search, investigators didn't find anything or anyone, leaving some to believe initially this may have been a bad joke.

"It's possible they wanted to create some excitement," Caton said.

But late today Elmore County school officials concluded what the students reported really did happen. The school district says it based that on the fact the students are credible and they don't have a history of making up stories.

The students told investigators the stranger in the woods was a tall, while male with brown hair and wearing a white T-shirt, but as of right now no one is in custody.

Officials also put Stanhope-Elmore High School in a lockdown because the high school is next door to the middle school.